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Colombian coffee is considered by most to be the very best and why is all down to its fantastic flavour and this in turn is due to location and climate of where the beans are grown. The high altitudes and rich soil make for the perfect conditions for the plants to flourish and produce the highest quality coffee beans.

Today there is a much higher demand for ethical and fair trade produce and this demand is constantly increasing with people's attitudes changing, becoming more aware of the world around them and wanting to know exactly where their produce is coming from and how it's made. Coffee is no different, and you can be assured that all of our coffee is 100% Colombian and fair trade. It has been widely believed that coffee is the world's second most traded commodity, which is in fact a myth. However, its importance cannot be under estimated in how it contributes the economy, especially in Colombia. We believe strongly in supporting small businesses that rely on the sales of their coffee for their livelihood and we buy all of our hand picked beans directly from specific farmers and their micro-lots.

Today coffee is more than just a hot drink to perk you up and get you through the day. Coffee has grown its own culture, which is continuously expanding much like that of wine culture. People are beginning to understand the wealth of flavours and characteristics to be found in an excellent cup of coffee.

Our mission at CJ3 Beans Coffee is to support this growing culture and reintroduce Colombian coffee to the wider market and give people the full experience of everything else Colombian coffee has to offer with its diverse and incredible flavours.

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